Another alarming scenario

October 16, 2009

If true, this little tidbit is truly scary.


Truly alarming

October 1, 2009

Lewis Black was the last I heard to repeat a somewhat old joke: What’s the difference between the Democrats and the Republicans? …The Democrats blow, and the Republicans suck!”

While I can’t reproduce the indignation (and digital punctuation) in a Lewis Black rant, I can certainly spread the sentiment. This alarming little tidbit comes to Shut Your Everloving Piehole courtesy of the Libertarian group on

Wouldn’t you expect this kind of fascism from George W. Bush? Of course. But for those who might have said back in, say, September or October 2008, “Obama? Naww….”, I reply, “Oh, yes.”

If this bill comes to a vote, please tell your elected representatives to vote no, since I suspect there won’t be a “hell no” box on the form. Better yet, tell them, “You vote yes on this piece of fascist shit, and I vote for someone else.”

I recently was reminded by Donny Ferguson, the LP communications director, of something very useful to keep in mind: Politicians only care about getting re-elected. Tell them that if they want to keep their jobs,they better vote the way you want, not the way they want. It’s their job to represent your views, not act out their own fantasies. In any event, tell them to vote no on this freedom-destroying piece-of-shit legislation.