Who’s raising your children?

July 26, 2009

I’m sitting here listening to the Orioles game on the radio (they beat the Red Sox, 6-2,if you’re interested), and also listening to the post-game and its advertisements and PSAs. A frequent PSA I hear comes from smartsteps.gov and the Ad Council, exhorting our children to eat more bananas.

Bananas are a great food, no doubt about it. Everybody loves ’em! They’re tasty, versatile, relatively inexpensive, available year-round, chock-full of a variety of nutrients, and portable. I consider them the perfect bicycle food. On a segment in the Discovery Channel show Home Matters, they claimed that bananas are the top-selling produce in America.

But we don’t need the government to tell us what to eat.

I’ll be updating this post as needed to relate other government-sponsored PSAs, both radio and TV, that dictate personal behavior and conduct. In fact, if I sit here long enough, I’ll be hearing another one on the Orioles post-game show, exhorting fathers to be more participatory parents. (Yup! As I’m typing this, it came up. Fatherhood.gov. I don’t put these in hyperlinks because I don’t want any of you thinking I support them dictating personal behavior.)(And as I was typing that, another one came up. Losetheexcuse.gov, exhorting us to conserve energy. by doing common-sense things like turning out unwanted lights in the house. How much of your tax dollars were wasted on the creation of a PSA telling you to do something you probably do already?)


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