Let the kid rest

July 13, 2009

When Elvis Presley died, I remember Johnny Carson, tired of the constant media hand-wringing, saying in a monologue a few days later, “Let the kid rest!” At no time could this comment once again be more apropos than now, with the incessant, and I mean that word literally, attention the media are giving to Michael Jackson.

Here’s my sincere plea to the media: SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY. He’s dead. Get over it. Move on to other topics. Topics that may be exponentially a greater intellectual challenge to you, but which we all need to hear about. Don’t take the lazy way out. Cover the Sotomayor hearings, the possibility that Cheney and Gonzales might soon be subpoenaed by the Justice Department, or even the Home Run Derby tomorrow night*, for crap’s sake.  But do us all a favor and LET THE KID REST.

*(For the record, my money’s on Ryan Howard, although I’d like to see Joe Mauer win it. Mauer had an off weekend, which I witnessed in person.)


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